✨🪞 network file system

  • create & browse through your very own custom mind palace network!
  • associate content with other content to create data networks
  • link & launch many file types (pdf, mp3, .docx, etc)
  • turn your filesystem into a network
  • all data is stored on your device
  • create & share knowledge graphs
  • browse your data as a series of nested grids
  • built-in rich-text note-taking system
  • save & launch URL bookmarks
  • create & share collections of information
  • favorites system, for emphasizing important data
  • data browser with infinite scroll

a meditation on garden galaxies

we are alive

chapter 2 ~ one tells only the truth, the other tells only lies!

in which i feverishly advocate for mecha robots & the sea

understanding singularities as a part of everyday life

we are asleep when we think we are awake

chapter 1 ~ catching fire

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