⭐️💖 Live, Laugh, Love 3.0

What should life be all about? Live, laugh, love? Sure! That has a comforting ring to it, but what does it mean on a systemic level, how can we analyze this and expand upon it? These three simple words are three beautiful words. This is what we can focus on in our lives and if we do this, everything will fall into place for us.

Should life be fun? Sometimes! Life should be fun sometimes, but we should also make time for love and also for living, and laughing. We should do all three, and more! We should laugh every day and take a big deep breath, in and out.

Maybe the best thing we can do in life is to think about how to create a structural support to help people achieve live laugh love for themselves. It is not enough to help others on an individual-to-individual basis, because individual people alone cannot actually be social infrastructure in themselves. It is only as an organized society of people working together as one big team that we can build structural systems and support infrastructure to support living, laughing, and loving!

Just speaking or writing the phrase “live, laugh, love” is not enough. What is needed, maybe, is to think about what infrastructure is needed to do it. What kinds of optional guidance do we need to provide for people so they have the knowledge and skills they will need to live, laugh, and love? How do we make it appealing to the people who will need it, and how do we make sure we are not leading people astray? What kinds of personal and impersonal support will the people in this world need in order to be able to live, laugh, love, and have fun in life, and other good things, like taking a deep breath and drinking a cup of tea?

We should probably hire some programmers and have them help design a resource distribution system, but the system has to be open-ended on a level not of content, but of forms, because if there are flaws with it, maybe people using it will have ideas to improve it. It should also be simple so it can be modified by non-programmers. Facebook was not “it” nor is twitter or reddit, or anything else. What’s needed has not been invented yet.

It doesn’t have to be on the computer though, it could also be a system of note-cards or posters, reference forms or some kind of paper-trail, the sky is the limit.

If a society does not provide the entire starter kit for live laugh love, if we are not provided with the food, water, shelter, sunlight, knowledge, guidance, and assistance, we need to grow these skill-sets, we will not be able to do them.

If we truly want to live in a world where everyone on the street is able to live, laugh, love, and more, we are going to have to think long and hard about how to make sure everyone learns these skills and feels safe enough to live them in real life! For example, if someone does not have a nice safe apartment to live in, how can they possibly live, laugh, and love?

If someone does not have access to healthcare, internet, fun times, safety, and general support structures, how can they live laugh love? And what about time to heal? Sometimes you need a lot of time to recover from something tough, but once you recover you’re going to have so much to offer the next person in your same situation, because you can share your story with them. That’s value!

Just like a flower can’t grow without sunlight and water, people cannot live, laugh, and love without meeting their needs on Maslow’s pyramid of needs, without getting support from others. If a society does not provide people the support they are going to need in their tough times, the society will not be representative of living, laughing, or loving. No, if we do not meet everyone’s needs for the support they need for all of this, we are not able to live or laugh or love either, the degree to which there are people who cannot live, laugh, or love is the degree to which we ourselves have also failed to do those things.

We are all connected! And if we let people struggle alone from homelessness or poverty, if we make people suffer or go through hard times without support, if we leave people in their suffering and alienation on a systemic social level, if there are no systems in place to help people in need, no forgiveness, a harsh world without second chances or even first chances, this also means we are not helping ourselves either. What we do or fail to do for the most alienated isolated person, we also do to that part of ourselves!!! This is why we are all so depressed and spiritually impoverished in this modern world of today. Every single live laugh love sign we have ever seen has been hypocritical, a symptom of a society lying to itself. Every live laugh love sign is an example of ideological fantasy, hollow words without any structural truth behind them, waiting for us to make it real.

If we truly want to live, laugh, and love everyone in the world, we are going to have to think of a systemic solution to make sure social and literal infrastructure is getting built to make sure everyone has access to all the live laugh love we all need. With modern day computers, lithium sulfur batteries, and other advanced technologies, it should really be trivial to build an associative-system to get everyone at the very least an apartment, food, medical care, establish a safety net.

We can live laugh love FOR REAL by building a better world where everyone can get access to their needs met without strings attached and by doing this, we will spread the love, enhancing life as we laugh and laugh, and laugh. Perhaps if we help everyone on Earth reduce the amount of suffering which happens every-day down towards zero, we will finally have a peaceful day where our hearts can finally be content, and let out a deep breath, laugh, and love.

Wouldn’t it be so funny if we do this? Wouldn’t this be a good thing to do? Maybe the funniest thing we can do is live, laugh, love, on a global structural scale. Instead of maximizing good, we could minimize suffering on this green world with waterfalls on it which we call the Earth!!!!

Look…I am being sincere here. All I want deep down is for everyone to get along better. I don’t think the ends justify the means or anything like that I am simply saying it is in our common best interest to help everyone!!! If we meet everyone’s needs with genuinely good food, shelter, and resources, crime will drop drastically since the systemic roots of crime tend to be deprivation and suffering, lack of safety net. If we actually help people for real, there can be peace of mind and peace in the streets, in the cities, in the world. Not all at once, but on a long enough timeline reducing suffering through systemic cures which find suffering and look for patterns to address it, rather than maximizing “good” is the way.

I also think we need to bring the world into a sort of consciousness of itself as a larger system, so we can reflect on ourselves and how to do better together. For example, aren’t we all extensions of the internet? We are all producing it and produced by it, but I would not say the internet is self conscious because we don’t think about it very often, I guess. I don’t know. We are in a circuit with it.

I just hope I’m not the only one who thinks maybe we need to work together better and listen to each other more, and help those of us who are suffering not as individuals, but through systemic processes. A band-aid is not a cure.

A problem is only fixed when there is a process in place to address the issue and the process is proven to work. It is science. It is trial and error, we just need to do the work. But who is doing it? There is an opening. This is our chance.

Last thing I would like to say…I do not have the answers. You do not have the answers either. We can only find the answers working together with other people, and they will only emerge systemically through the process of building the future. There is no “subject-supposed-to-know”. I am only trying to give ideas for a conversation and hoping some of it is helpful to the collective consciousness.

The only answers we are going to find will be a continuous feedback process which goes on and on, a process recommendation system. The answers to our problems are not ideologies, they are not facts, they are systemic processes and growing awareness of ourselves and our place in the world relative to one another.

After I publish this, I expect I will think of more revisions, I even get feedback from myself after I write anything. I am trying so hard to say the right things, but I just have to remind myself there aren’t right answers, we all do our best and learn along the way. That’s all anyone can really ask of us.

Live, Laugh, Love 3.3

Sunday, April 17, 2022




worldbuilding consciousness, the sun is always rising somewhere, https://hyperpoints.substack.com/

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worldbuilding consciousness, the sun is always rising somewhere, https://hyperpoints.substack.com/

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